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What IS Head Start?

The Creation of Head Start

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?

Why invest in early childhood education?

How to light up your child's brain

Parent Survey (Family Engagement)

Next Board of Directors meeting @ Dunlap City Hall

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How to calm a worried child

Birth-to-Three: The Magic of Everyday Moments: Quick Videos

What is Early Intervention (TEIS)?

Inspect a map of all our centers and the communities they serve

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Tennessee website for parents of kids

Look at the Children's Services we offer

Hear All About Early Childhood Hearing Outreach

Current outdoor air quality

Check for re-called toys

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Find out what "transition" is all about

Read our Community Assessment (long download - consider asking for a copy)

Learn about the high cost of child care

See our annual Report to the Public

Learn about Section 504 Compliance

Learn about the history of Head Start values

Guides to good oral health


Next Policy Council meeting will be a conference call. Date and time to be announced

Next Board of Directors  meeting at Dunlap City Hall. Date and time to be announced



Child Care hotline to report Child Care Complaints: 877-542-2873

Managing the Behavior of Challenging Children

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Late rent payments can cause family health problems

Keep your family safe from opioids

How to Talk to Your Kids

Head Start kids less likely to end up on foster homes

Depression among toddlers and young children

NEW! Weather Watch for Children - Be careful of the cold

Maybe You Should Save Your Kids' Baby Teeth

Growth at the Speed of Life!

Children's Health Guide

"Active Parenting" - short videos that really help

Head Start's LENA Tackles the Word Gap