We Believe
                            in Families


Family Goal Planning Services

What do you dream about? A better education? A better job? A better place to live? A better life for your children?

Whatever it is, Head Start's unique family goal planning services can help. We work with you one-on-one. Together, we can tap all the resources of government and private agencies to get you where you dream of being. There's a lot available.

Free Meals

For instance, all Head Start children are eligible for free USDA-supplied food. from all Head Start locations as a result of being a participant in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Meals will be provided at no separate charge to eligible children/adults without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. The meals are provided t the following sites:

  • Bledsoe County Head Start / Early Head Start at 3531 South Main Street, Suite 1, Pikeville TN
  • Dayton Early Head Start at 585 Richland Street, Dayton, TN
  • Hemlock Head Start at 907-1/2 Hemlock Street, South Pittsburg TN
  • KidsBank Learning Center at 610 South Cedar Avenue, South Pittsburg TN
  • Jasper Head Start aat 3706 Main Street, Jasper TN
  • North Grundy Head Start at Highway 56 Cumberland Heights, 67 Community Center Road, Altamont, TN
  • Whitwell Head Start at 11057 Highway 28, Whitwell TN
  • Rhea County Head Start at 1655 Blythes Ferry Road, Dayton TN
  • Tracy City Head Start / Early Head Start at 13764 US 41, Tracy City TN

First Five Years

To learn more, call your Family Worker. If you're just exploring Head Start be sure to ask about family goal planning when you first apply for your children. We provide the very best pre-school educational services in the five counties we serve, and our work with families is just as good.

Policy Council

Parents and other community representatives are an important part of Head Start’s operation. More than half the members of the Policy Council are elected by the parents at each Center, while other members serve from the community at large. As a group, the Council is responsible for approving personnel decisions, program plans as well as program improvements. Take the Policy Council Survey.

Parent Involvement

Classroom Volunteers

Parents are always welcome in the classroom where they can work directly with their child or other children, usually on a one-on-one basis. A typical activity is reading with children, but many parents also share their unique talents and gifts. Fathers are especially welcomed because of the unique contributions they make to the lives of children.

Parent Meetings

Parents at each Center conduct regular parent meetings that focus on the children’s educational progress and feature topics of interest to families. Typical topics include the full range of services that Head Start and its community partners provide:

                 Adult Education

                 Job Counseling

                 Job Training

                 Job Search

                 Marriage enrichment




                 Child Support




                 Utility Payments

                 Medical Services

                 Home Safety

                 Car Seats

"Transition" Services

Helping You Get Your Child Ready ...
For Head Start, for Kindergarten,
and Beyond  

The educational services we provide are the best available in the five-county area we serve. To prepare your child for our program, we work closely with you to make sure your child “starts out right.” Our teachers will even visit your child in your home before opening day in order to smooth the transition into Head Start

Once your child gets to Head Start, they will develop a broad range of “academic” skills, like math, literacy, and science, but we also build each child’s physical development, and we nurture each child’s social and emotional skills. When a typical Head Start child begins kindergarten, they are ready to read, but they can also play hard — and they’ve learned to work with other children because they have developed confidence in themselves.

When kindergarten time comes, we provide you with registration dates, and we make sure you have the information you will need to get your child enrolled. At your request, we can share information about your child’s work in Head Start with their new school. We can even help you track your child’s progress as he moves upwards into the elementary grades